gfs on Gentoo

Date: 24 March 2006

Categories: gfs, gentoo

Installing Many of the needed packages are masked. Add the following to /etc/portage/ packages.keywords sys-fs/gfs ~x86 sys-cluster/gfs-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/cman ~x86 sys-cluster/cman-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/cman-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/ccs ~x86 sys-cluster/magma ~x86 sys-cluster/magma-plugins ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/iddev ~x86 sys-cluster/gfs-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/fence ~x86 sys-fs/clvm ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd-kernel ~x86 Now you can emerge the packages. All of these packages are needed for the client machines except for sys-fs/clvm.