Music Free Bot / Gift Shop

Date: 29 November 2019

The musicfreebot (who’s real name is Riley) is a friendly little chatbot that lives in the chat on Twitch when I’m live (and a few other times). She runs games, helps moderate the chat, runs the gift shop, and a few other things.


There are two types of currency that can be used to play games or make things happen on stream.


Tickets are earned when you drop a tip in the tip jar or subscribe on Patreon. They can also be earned through donations during charity streams. Tickets may be redeemed in the Gift Shop for exclusive items.

Use the command !tickets or !balance to see the number of tickets you have.

Gift Shop

MFB oversees the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop allows you to redeem your tickets for actions that happen during the stream through Mixplay.

All viewers:

  • Play movie quotes
  • Pop-up GIFs
  • Automated shoutout
  • More to come…

Twitch and Patreon Silver level subscriber bonuses:

  • Free and reduced cost actions
  • Twitter shoutout
  • Exclusive redemptions
  • Text-to-speech messages with the !tts chat command


You can redeem actions by running the !buy command with the name of the redemption. For example: !buy quote groovy

Free for Subscribers

Name Description
sub quote be excellent “Be excellent to each other!”
sub quote concerns “I have some concerns.”
sub quote groovy “Groovy”
sub quote horrible laugh Dr. Horrible’s laugh
sub quote random citizen “I love you, Random Citizen!”
sub quote party on “Party on, Dudes!
sub shoutout Get an automated on-screen shout out

250 Tickets

Name Description
quote groovy “Groovy”

250 Tickets (Sub-only)

Name Description
sub quote you make me sad “You make me sad.”
sub quote change the subject “I have an excellent idea. Let’s change the subject”
sub snap sock puppet Sock Puppet Snapchat filter

500 Tickets

Name Description
quote be excellent “Be excellent to each other!”
quote party on “Party on, dude!”
quote empty brain “Useless empty brain!”
snap sock puppet Sock Puppet Snapchat filter
snap pirate Pirate Snapchat filter

500 Tickets (Sub-only)

Name Description
sub quote i’m a scientist “Back off man. I’m a scientist.”
sub quote bad accent “I don’t think you realize it but you have a very bad accent.”

750 Tickets

Name Description
quote jumped out a window “We jumped out a window!”
quote holy hand grenade “Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade”
quote shall we play “Shall we play a game”
quote random citizen “I love you, Random Citizen!”
snap holographic Holographic Snapchat filter
snap power up Power up Snapchat filter

750 Tickets (Sub-only)

Name Description
sub quote nuke the site “I say we take off and nuke the site”
sub twitter shoutout Get a shout out from @musicfreegaming on Twitter

1000 Tickets

Name Description
quote misbehave “I aim to misbehave”
quote write a book “You should write a book: How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less”
quote nuke the site “I say we take off and nuke the site”

1000 Tickets (Sub-only)

Name Description
sub snap cute glasses Cute Glasses Snapchat filter

Awesome Levels (beta)

You gain “Awesome Points” while you watch the stream! Every time you level up, you’ll gain 10 times that number of tickets. Ex. At level 1, you gain 10 tickets. At level 2, you gain 20 tickets, and so on. You’ll get an automated shoutout on stream for every five levels. The first 10 people to hit level 20 will get the VIP role.

The current season runs from July 5th through Sept 30th, 2020.

Arcade Games

Use the command !games to see a list of games.

  • !spin: Spin the wheel! There’s a 30% chance of doubling your bet. There’s 2% chance of winning five times your bet!
  • !slots: Play for a chance to win up to five times your bet!
  • !trivia: Answer a trivia question. There’s no cost to play and anyone can answer. Successful answers earn 20 tickets!
  • !volcano: The volcano gets closer and closer to erupting the more tickets get added by chatters. Everyone in the chat can collect the tickets that get blown out of the erupting volcano. The person who makes it erupt gets a special prize!


  • !commands: Whispers a list of available commands to you.
  • !game, !steam, !xboxgame: Provides links to where you can buy the current game.
  • !uptime: See how long the stream has been live


  • The virtual currencies (tickets) have no monetary value and will not be refunded.
  • Tickets that are redeamed off stream will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Tickets earned from Patreon subscriptions requires that I match up your Patreon account with your Twitch user name. Be sure to link your Twitch account in your Patreon account settings.