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Goodbye Mixer, Hello Twitch

Date: 28 June 2020

Categories: Meta

On Monday, Microsoft decided to give Mixer the axe. The service is shutting down on July 22nd. This video was my final stream on Mixer to say goodbye to the service and all of my followers there. During that stream, I announced that I am moving to Twitch. I have concerns, which I laid out during that stream. I think things will work out but it’s been a challenge. Many things are still up in the air as I get used to the new tools, toys, and troubles that come with streaming on Twitch but the schedule remains the same.

Mix It Up app is a fantastic tool for making streaming easier. It gives you powerful tools for chat, overlays, and the MixPlay board. It even has remote client which works okay but is limited when compared to Up Deck. This is how I was able to combine Up Deck with MIU to get the best of both worlds.

Music Free Bot / Gift Shop

Date: 29 November 2019

The musicfreebot (who’s real name is Riley) is a friendly little chatbot that lives in the chat on Twitch when I’m live (and a few other times). She runs games, helps moderate the chat, runs the gift shop, and a few other things.

Use Powershell to Play Random MP3s

Date: 27 November 2019

Categories: Powershell

I’ve been playing with tools to help make my game streams easier. One of the things that I wanted to do was to play random MP3 from a directory. Here’s a little Powershell to get it done.

Moving to Mixer

Date: 18 November 2019

Categories: Meta

Things are changing here at Music Free Gaming. Some of the changes are minor but the biggest one is that I’m moving exclusively to Mixer!

Extra Life 2019

Date: 28 October 2019

Categories: meta

Greetings one and all! It’s that beautiful time of year when leaves start changing, kids get dressed up for Halloween, and it gets cold enough to make you remember why Summer is so nice. It’s also that time of year for Extra Life! Once again, I’ll be streaming to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Here’s what’s going down.