Installing Courier

Date: 23 February 2006

Categories: courier, freebsd, gentoo

FreeBSD Install the following from ports: mail/courier Note: Make sure you upgrade Perl before you build courier. This is so that perlfilter can find perl modules installed later, e.g. Courier::Filter. Add to /etc/make.conf # For Courier WITH_GNUPG=yes WITH_ISPELL=yes WITH_LDAP2=no WITH_MYSQL=yes Also, you need to make sure that courier is using Perl > 5.6 and not the system perl. During the build, courier uses /usr/bin/perl5. This is the system perl. Here’s the work around.

FreeBSD AutoUpgrades

Date: 06 April 2005

Categories: freebsd

Updating a FreeBSD box is fairly simple but it can still be a pain when you have lots of them to upgrade. I have put together this little tutorial as an “It works for me” example. There may be better ways of doing this. Building Machine The first thing you will need is a building machine. This box will download and build the kernel, userland apps and libraries for every machine.

FreeBSD Adaptec 2100S RAID

Date: 02 April 2005

Categories: freebsd, adaptec

Setting up the 2100S is actually pretty simple. Here’s how I did it. Configure your Kernel The 2100S uses the asr driver which is included in the GENERIC kernel, however, I take that out of my custom kernels since most of my machine do not have a RAID controller at all, so I added this line to my kernel config and rebuilt. device asr # DPT SmartRAID V, VI and Adaptec SCSI RAID Install the Adaptec RAID Control Software The CD that comes with the controller includes some software to control and configure the RAID.