gfs on Gentoo

Date: 24 March 2006

Categories: gfs, gentoo

Installing Many of the needed packages are masked. Add the following to /etc/portage/ packages.keywords sys-fs/gfs ~x86 sys-cluster/gfs-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/cman ~x86 sys-cluster/cman-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/cman-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/ccs ~x86 sys-cluster/magma ~x86 sys-cluster/magma-plugins ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/dlm-kernel ~x86 sys-cluster/iddev ~x86 sys-cluster/gfs-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/fence ~x86 sys-fs/clvm ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd-headers ~x86 sys-cluster/gnbd-kernel ~x86 Now you can emerge the packages. All of these packages are needed for the client machines except for sys-fs/clvm.

Installing Courier

Date: 23 February 2006

Categories: courier, freebsd, gentoo

FreeBSD Install the following from ports: mail/courier Note: Make sure you upgrade Perl before you build courier. This is so that perlfilter can find perl modules installed later, e.g. Courier::Filter. Add to /etc/make.conf # For Courier WITH_GNUPG=yes WITH_ISPELL=yes WITH_LDAP2=no WITH_MYSQL=yes Also, you need to make sure that courier is using Perl > 5.6 and not the system perl. During the build, courier uses /usr/bin/perl5. This is the system perl. Here’s the work around.

Gentoo Kerberos5 HOWTO

Date: 07 October 2005

Categories: gentoo, kerberos

Install Kerberos 5 Add kerberos to the USE flag in /etc/make.conf. USE="kerberos" Then install everything: emerge -N world – Or – emerge mit-krb5 This will install the MIT kerberos 5 library which may be restricted under US export restrictions. The Heimdal krb5 implementation is free from those restrictions. You can install Heimdal by doing: emerge app-crypt/heimdal Because the kerberos install will change libgssapi, you will need to run revdep-rebuild to fix any apps that you build prior to install krb5.