Endnotes with Org-mode

Date: 15 July 2014

Categories: emacs, org-mode

I was recently writing an internal peer review for work. Because I’m a happy emacs user, I wrote the peer review in org-mode and exported it to PDF using org-latex-export-to-pdf. The problem was that our interal format requires that I use endnotes and emacs exports my footnotes as, well, footnotes. So, here’s the quick and dirty on how I got the exporter to give me end notes. First of all, you need to tell LaTeX that you want to use endnotes.

Importing iCal Into Org-mode

Date: 03 June 2014

Categories: ical, emacs, org-mode

I’ve been using emacs and org-mode for some time to manage my tasks. Org-mode has a great feature which shows and agenda view which includes upcoming scheduled items and deadlines. One of the things that was missing was the ability to view my calendar (which is in Google Calendar) in the agenda. There are a couple of ways of dealing the syncing the calendar data. One of the ways I tried was org-caldav.

IkiWiki and Org-mode

Date: 25 March 2012

Categories: ikiwiki, emacs, org-mode

I love emacs. I practically live in emacs at work. One of my favorite features is org-mode. At its simplest, org-mode is simply a markup language similar to wiki-text or markdown. When you get into it more, the real power of scheduling and task management comes out. In my case, it’s the only system that’s I’ve been able to use to stay organized. I’ve been so happy with org-mode that I start to looking into using for this blog.