Fixing DPMRA Start Failures After Installing AD DS on Windows Server 2008

Date: 06 January 2011

I’m getting ready to deploy a pair of Server 2008 Active Directory servers to replace a couple of old 2003 boxes. In preparing those servers, I installed the remote agent for Microsoft Data Protection Manager before I installed the ADDS role and promoting the new AD servers. That turned out to be a mistake.

After promoting the AD servers, the DPM agent service (DPMRA) stopped running and would not start again. Instead it would kick back the “service-specific error code 1332” or 1168. Neither was especially helpful. So, I tried Windows Troubleshooting Step #1: Reboot. No dice. A quick trip to Google and I found a few suggestions to run setdpmserver again. Unfortunately that kicked back this error.

SetDpmServer failed with errorcode =0x80070534, error says: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. To further troubleshoot failures with SetDpmServer, go to

Turns out, that link doesn’t help at all. Fortunately, searching on that error brought me to the troubleshooting page in the DPM docs. Therein is suggested Windows Troubleshooting Step #2: Reinstall. I uninstalled the agent, rebooted, installed the agent manually, reran setdpmserver, rebooted again, and DPMRA finally started.