Docker - A Better Way to Build Apps

Date: 16 October 2017

In a very short time, Docker has grown from a cool idea to the way cloud services are run. Getting into Docker can be daunting. That’s why I wrote the video training course “Docker - A Better Way to Build Apps” from Packt Publishing.

This course provides an introduction to Docker and will teach you all you need to know to get started developing your own applications in Docker. You’ll learn how deploy Docker locally and on GCE, Azure, and Amazon AWS. You’ll also learn how to write a Dockerfile and build your images. Finally, you’ll learn how to use registries to make your application available across your organization or around the world!

I love using Docker to develop and deploy applications. As a systems administrator, I love how Docker makes it easy to build an image and deploy it to my servers. It so easy to build an application in a container to test and, when the image is ready, I can push it into production knowing – not hoping but knowing – that it will work.

Docker also makes it easier for me to develop applications because I can build a clean environment to test my application. I don’t have to worry about weird differences in environments because the environment I develop in is the same one that it will be deployed in.

In “Docker - A Better Way to Build Apps,” I walk you through the process of creating and building an image. If you’ve tried to work through the docs and found yourself even more lost than before, this course will get you through. You’ll be building your own application in no time.