Working with Advanced Docker Operations

Date: 16 February 2018

Categories: Docker

We all know, at this point, that Docker is the new hotness. Running individual containers can help with development but doesn’t do much for us when it’s time to deploy the application. There’s where orchestration comes in. Docker Swarm is a great tool to use when you first get started with orchestration. Swarm is built into Docker. There’s no additional software to install. You can learn more about running services in Docker Swarm in my video course “Dive into Orchestration with Docker Swarm”.

Docker - A Better Way to Build Apps

Date: 16 October 2017

Categories: Docker

In a very short time, Docker has grown from a cool idea to the way cloud services are run. Getting into Docker can be daunting. That’s why I wrote the video training course “Docker - A Better Way to Build Apps” from Packt Publishing. This course provides an introduction to Docker and will teach you all you need to know to get started developing your own applications in Docker. You’ll learn how deploy Docker locally and on GCE, Azure, and Amazon AWS.

Switching to Docker and CoreOS

Date: 10 October 2014

Categories: docker, coreos

I learned about Docker over the summer at ApacheCon in Denver. While Docker, itself, wasn’t on the program, it came up several times as various people were talking about PaaS systems. Once I started to dig into it, I understood why people were so excited. After playing with it more on my own, I was hooked. I decided that I wanted to move this site to Docker. In this post I’ll tell you a bit about what I did, how I did it and why.