Time Off and Other Updates

Date: 21 May 2019

No Streams Next Week (and Why)

Greeting to all Music Free Gamers everywhere! I hope your week is off to a great start. As I mentioned on the stream last week, I am taking this week off. Never fear! I’ll be back next Tuesday (May 28) with all the Music Free goodness.

I’m taking the week off for a couple of reasons. First, the kids are out of school for the Summer and it’ll be good to spend some time with them. Second, I need the time off for my own mental health.

The last year as been a busy one for me. Last July, I accepted a temporary position as Adjunct Professor of IT at a local university. For the last couple of semesters, I taught courses on systems administration. This was in addition to my regular, full-time job and streaming.

The first semester, in particular, was rough. It was a lecture heavy course and required a lot of time outside of class to get things ready for my students. I was feeling burnt out before the semester started in January. This semester was easier but it was still a lot of work. Now that it’s done, I need to take time off to give myself a chance to recharge and de-stress from the load I gave myself.

I hope y’all will understand and remember that we all have limits. Don’t be afraid to take break when you reach yours. Sometimes, it can be hard. School doesn’t stop just because you’re tired. You can’t always take time off work. Still, find some way to take time for yourself. You are worth it.

AFSP Milestones Added

The AFSP campaign is still going strong. As I write this, y’all have raised $30 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We still have a ways to go to hit the $100 goal for the year but it’s a good start.

To encourage y’all to help, I’ve added two new milestones. If y’all reach $50, I will fire up Twitch Sings for a two hour karaoke stream. That’s right, you can join in the fun and embarrassment as I attempt to sing. Bring ear plugs. 😉

But that’s not all. If we hit $100, I’ll do a four hour Twitch Sings stream. That’s right. I’ll somehow manage to “sing” on stream for four hours.

I have no problems chatting with y’all on stream but singing is something else entirely. I am not at all comfortable doing that. I’m sure fun will happen.

Project Kindness

At the beginning of the month, I was accepted into Project Kindness. PK is a Twitch team made of up streamers that help raise money for charities through streaming.

In addition to the monthly AFSP streams that I’m doing, I’ll be joining with PK for a couple of other events during the year. I’ll keep y’all informed as those events come up.