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Apex Legends - Season 2 Begins

Date: 05 July 2019

Categories: Apex Legends

Season 2 began this week and I got to try out the new Champion. Wattson is pretty fun. I found a number of times wishing that I had her fences to watch the back door. The new L-Star is a nice little LMG. I’d like a little more ammo but it seems to do the job.
The pyramid for my beacon is complete thanks to the totally awesome EnderOcelot! The building in the mining village all have glass in their windows now. One More Light: You can donate anytime in July to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at
July charity stream? But it’s June! That’s right but all this week I’ll be participating in the One More Light event. Watch the discord for more details. In this stream, I continued building out the mining village and built a really cool looking nether portal. Oh, and I fought off a raid in the Nerdy City.

Apex Legends - Jump and Die. Repeat

Date: 26 June 2019

Categories: Apex Legends

Just another day in Apex Legends. The good news is that I was rarely completely incompetent. I did have a couple of good games though, unsurprisingly, I never did pull out the win.